This is about how I used the Tree Services of Chino Hills to trim the trees in my yard and was very satisfied with their work. The tree trimmers were professional, efficient and quick. They did not damage any of my plants or flowers, and they left no piles of debris from their work behind! What more can you ask for? I am so happy with their service that I will be using them again! When they started to trim the trees in my yard, they had no idea how many trees there were to be trimmed. You might ask why I did not know this myself? Well, the fact is that I was not really sure exactly how many trees were actually in my yard! And so, when the tree trimmers started to trim the trees, we noticed that there were far more trees than either of us had expected (there are two rows on each side of my house and one row out back). When we counted all of these trees (these included pine trees, palm trees and citrus fruit), it turned out there was a city-like total number of 31 green giants for them to deal with.

The moment that I saw the huge pile of branches that the tree trimmers had left, I knew that there was more work involved with the tree trimmers than I had initially thought. However, after about 5 minutes of thinking about it, it dawned on me that a lot of this work was unnecessary as most of these branches were going to be taken away by the garbage trucks anyways. So they ended up just taking all of them down! As you know, if you want good service and quality from your tree trimming company then there is a price tag attached to it. But in my opinion the price for their services is fair and worth every penny.

I have been using the Tree Services or Chino Hills for over 15 years now and so when they came back to take out some more branches on the upper portion of my tree, I did not have to use any extra cash to get this done. They just took the branches off for free!