Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly has the necessities that your growing family desires. The stroller features stadium vogue seating in order to administer your kid a higher view. So as to keep youngsters nice & comfortable, the two seats feature a reclining seat, footrest, kid’s tray, and rotating canopy. The stroller can hold 2 children who weigh 80 pounds. In order to create your children maneuvering a breeze, this stroller options a large storage basket and lockable front. Let’s see what else we have in this product. I had to use one of these after taking my daughter to the dentist for a dental implant. Check out the full Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller Review below.

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller Review



The Graco DuoGlider incorporates a whole host of features to form traveling comfortable for your kids. The canopies are straightforward to use, offer suitable shade, and also the front one is adjustable. There is a cup-holder on a front tray, but the rear one doesn’t and though they are fairly straightforward to install, the trays will be a struggle to take out once more. Therefore, it is advisable to use them if you propose keeping them attached for a smart period of your time.

The reclining seat at the back can be a nice feature and adjusts into 2 positions; up and flat. A third midway position would be a pleasant choice, but not essential. Additionally, the rear seat is angled slightly downwards, so guarantee the seat belt is securely fixed to stop your baby from sliding forwards. The rear seat is raised over the front one, thus the child at the rear features a good read of what’s occurring around!

Easy To Use:

The stroller open and close easily even using one hand. I actually have tried this in several times holding my six months previous baby and I opened it easily. You merely would like to unsnap the side level to unfold it & pull & twist the handle bar so as to collapse it. It is light-weight yet it’s created of top quality materials like solid frames, thick fabrics which are sturdy, sturdy and waterproof. Note, there are different colors to choose from. It’s easy to assembly it, you only want a jiffy and you are done. But, from my experience, I required to apply further force in order to snap tray into place however overall it’s easy to assemble the stroller.

Double Seats:

It has 2 seats which are slim enough for your babies to maneuver around. You cannot get a snug smaller stroller than this without relinquishing safety, comfort. It’s doing great even on uneven ground. All youngsters will have a nice view since it made in such a manner that the one sitting at the back is on a higher sit. All seats have massive canopies that shield your child from the ultra violet rays from the sun and alternative extreme climatic conditions. Its front cover can be adjusted easily whereas the rear is stationary.

The 2 seats have tray which you can keep your kid’s’ things. The parent tray is additionally awesome. However, the rear seat lacks a cup holder making it a little lame. On the other hand, the parent tray contains a one deep cup holder which keeps liquid off your children and additionally a canopy that is also an added barrier. There is also a massive deep container that you’ll be using for keeping your phone, wallet, keys just to say a few. The basket that is underneath is large and your children can not take all the house.

First, although it says every chair could blockage to a forty pound kid, it does not promise that it will move as simply additionally. Of course, as your kids get heavier, it gets more durable to push the stroller around. After they grow, the stroller isn’t a good stroller anymore. But they will still carry the children and they can still take naps or sit on it once they wish. Second, if the seats are fully reclined for napping, you have got no access to the storage basket below. So if one kid wants a changing, the opposite kid may be disturbed. Thus, it’s still vital to bring a diaper bag and just suspend it on the facet of the stroller.


  • One Hand fold/unfold: This stroller is really easy to collapse and one-hand release.
  • Lightweight: Extremely lightweight according to its material. A solid frame and thick fabric made it sturdy.
  • Easy Assembly: It takes only half an hour to fully assemble this product.
  • Size: Compared to other single strollers Graco DuoGlider is smaller enough to make it stand out. You can’t get smaller comfort, safety, and that awesome basket underneath.
  • Large Canopy: Have large canopies to protect your baby’s just right spot. The canopy on the front side is greatly adjustable and the rear stationery.


  • No Cupholder: There is no cupholder in the rear tray.
  • 3 point harness system: It has only a 3-point harness system which is a bit less secure for newborns.
  • Inaccessible Parent Tray: When open the rear canopy blocks access to the parent tray. As such I have to partially close it or stroll with a drink and this makes it harder to see the rear baby.


Interested people can purchase the Graco Duo Glider double stroller at an affordable price and this item can be shipped or delivered to them while not paying additional charges. The worth is the price of the product’s price and quality. Graco Duoglider double stroller has product dimensions measuring thirty five.5 by twenty by 40 inches. The item weighs concerning 30.7 lbs. at simply $129.99. Geek individuals will already purchase this stroller.